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Barge Hire

High performing marine vessels for wet hire

Our Fleet

Wingbrook stands as the Gold Coast’s premier and most dependable source for barge hire. With our fleet of marine vessels designed and maintained to withstand demanding jobs, you can count on us, whether it be for boat ramp removal, cleaning beaches or rock armouring and replenishment. We are up to the challenge!


12m x 6m Barge with 20T payload

Work Punts

5.95m with dropdown drawbridges



Quality Barges At Budget-Friendly Prices

If you are looking for reliable heavy machinery and barges for affordable rates, you are in the right place. Since 1992, our team of experts has provided the equipment you need for prices you can afford. You can trust the high-quality of our barges as well as the power of their performance. When you need results you can trust, turn to Wingbrook Marine Pty Ltd.

Your Trusted Partner For Reliable Barge Solutions

Our barges for hire will help you get your project done on time, safely and within budget. Relying on our machinery means you can have peace of mind that your rental equipment will get the job done right. With us, you can have confidence that your project will be interruption- and disruption-free. Our barges will make your job easier, from dredging canals to building bridges.